Horizon can provide a wide range of services that will ensure you get the maximum value from you automation equipment.


Our Primary role is systems integration, we can provide the technical expertise to make technical automation equipment come to life and add value to you application. We can:

Plc Programming

We have extensive experience in programming PLC’s and HMI’s, from packing machinery to data acquisition and quite a few bespoke applications in-between.

Horizon are specialists in Mitsubishi PLC and HMI programming.

Remote access

Do you need to monitor your automation equipment from a remote location?

When down time strikes it’s often vital to understand the cause and rectify it as quickly as possible. We can provide robust reliable remote access solutions for your application. There are many different communication technologies available today, we can asses your needs and make sure that we integrate the right one for you.


On site commissioning and fault finding is a large part of what we do, ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, ANY TIME. Horizon has great experience in working on site across many country’s and industries in challenging and time critical conditions.

If you need the job done we can help!

Please download a case study with more detail of projects: